Sunday, January 21, 2018


My felting obsession continues. This time I made a short garland for the Kiddos nursery.
This was the most fun, addictive project. Making needle felt balls seemed intimidating; how to get them round and the same size? But you just keep turning them and poke them evenly at all sides. And if one turns out smaller than others: add wool, if larger: poke more. Needle felting really is one of those things that seems difficult, when really it just takes time.
The colors have really no rhyme or reason, except I wanted to add some color to our mainly white nursery corner (but just a bit, I kind of love the white and plain style, very calming). I showed here the huge box of rowing wool I bought and I just kept selecting colors and making another one and another one until it was long enough to fit the space I wanted it to. 
And here's the whole nursery. It's pretty much just a bed and a chair for nursing. I love the salt lamp, it gives such a nice warm glow without disturbing sleep. The night stand used to hold some supplies, but now that the Kiddo can open the drawers it's empty. I made the "shhh" banner before she was born. Then there are some books and Hard Rock Cafe bears my in-laws have brought from their trips:) And that's it. We keep diapers and the changing pad in the bathroom and her clothes in a chest of drawers in our room.

I just love this. Being a parent can be a hassle sometimes and just looking at this space calms me. And the garland fits there very nicely, adding a bit of color and whimsy, while still keeping things neat and calm.

Sunday, January 14, 2018


It's a tiny narwhal.
It's official: I have a new hobby, needle felting. And I'm obsessed. 
Now I swim this way.
I still can't believe I made that, haha. I know there are amazing needle felt sculptures out there, but for me... I've never done anything like this and am just so stoked!
I tried needle felting first about a year ago, doing a couple cookie cutter stars (you take a cookie cutter, fill it with wool and use it as a mold), and I loved it. There's something really soothing and addicting about jabbing with a needle... 

But I had a new baby and pretty soon I got overwhelmed with life. Anyway, babies and long needles don't really go well together. But the Kiddo got sick recently and pretty much slept the whole first day, and suddenly I had all this time, and I was like "what do I do, I never have any time!" So I tried needle felting again. And it's still so much fun
This is mah belly.
This time I just went free form, no cookie cutters. I wasn't sure if I could do it, doing a 3D sculpture seemed so much harder, but I'm glad I just went for it. Really, you can't mess needle felt. You can always add more wool or felt it tighter.

The horn, too. I thought a lot about how I'd get the horn to stay rigid and in the end the answer turned out to be: just felt it tightly. Doh.
Just swimmin'.
There are probably a lot of useful tricks and techniques that I'm  unaware of, but for now I'll just go with trial and error. And fun.

Really, i'm just so happy. I haven't felt this exited about a craft since my amigurumi phase.

Sunday, January 7, 2018


Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism Hardcover by Fumio Sasaki This is probably the favorite book I read in 2017. At first I thought it was a little extreme with descriptions of people who own like a mattress and virtual reality headset, but then it got to describing our relationship with stuff and how to let go. I love the Konmari method, but have really hard time telling what "sparks joy" for me, so this was great. For example, there was a bit about how our belongings don't need to represent who we are: we don't need to have a extensive library to show that we read a lot and are intelligent etc. After reading it, I was able to let go of so many things.
Toner, just toner in general, but I really liked this Mossa Micellar Water. I'm currently using something else, but will repurchase this next. I'm really into the Korean method of pressing the toner into the skin rather than wiping or spritzing and it's doing my skin so good.

Sleeping pills This is a strange one, but I finally admitted I have a problem and just got a prescription. Now, if I can't fall a sleep I just take one and am so much better for it.
Invisibobble hair ties. They are the only ones I now use. They do not pinch or cause kinks and they stay put. Love them.
I gave up sugar in the beginning of the year, (I also recommend Gary Taubes' The Case Against Sugar) and have felt great. I do occasionally grave something sweet so I've been trying out these St. Dalfour jams. They are sweetened, with date juice, but that's good enough for me. I just use a spoonful in my porridge or on a sandwich. Raspberry is my favorite.
Moomin mugs I used to use other mugs as "everyday" mugs and Moomin mugs as "better" mugs. Then I realized it made no sense. I was basically just storing them to be used for a few times a year. Why not use them now? So now I've been drinking my coffee from my Moomin winter mugs everyday and loving it.
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